This is my development page for the ASPECT geodynamics code.

I will be posting links to relevant documents to use within Durham University Department of Earth Sciences and for global use.


ASPECT Community page – join the mailing list!

ASPECT User Manual 

ASPECT Wiki page

2014 Introduction to ASPECT powerpoint presentation

Publications using ASPECT (updated from CIG  March 2017)

Build sequences:

I set up a build sequence for Ubuntu 14.04 for the installation of ASPECT. This document can be found here – ubuntu14_Oct_2017_aspect2_dealii851_v_3

Hamilton Cluster: Hamilton_cluster_Oct_2017_aspect2_dealii851_v_3 example script: mpi.slurm


N8 Cluster: N8_cluster_july_2017_aspect2_dealii850_v_1_0

Installation for SciNet (GPC): scinet_may_2017_aspect2_dealii850  build-sequencedealii-aspect-details

Installation for Mac: mac_aspect_install_2017 (edited from Hiroaki Matsui)


4. CEED Seminar, Oslo, Norway, 28th September 2017 ‘Beyond the crust: the role of the mantle in plate tectonics’: Webpage from CEED. 

3. Structural Geology Seminar, 13th September 2017 ‘ASPECT: a modern numerical code for geodynamics’:

Presentation pdf: HERON_DUR_SG_Seminar

Link to paper showing Tristan plume-ridge interaction: Gassmoeller et al, G-cubed, 2016

ASPECT EXAMPLE – A video of a result from Gassmoeller et al (2016):



ASPECT EXAMPLE – Cookbook example for continental extension:



– For fluid flow of particulates, ASPECT wouldn’t be able to handle that. However, deal.ii (a component required to run ASPECT) does tackle this problem. This link leads to an example of ‘step-21’ which is a program that uses deal.ii (again a separate entity that ASPECT needs to run). It a two phase fluid flow problem “modelling of two phase flow in porous media is important for both environmental remediation and the management of petroleum and groundwater reservoirs”. There are some excellent movies in the middle of this webpage – very interesting stuff.

2. Laurentian University Research Talk, ‘Numerical modelling of plate tectonic processes: from crust to the core’

1. Geochemistry Geodynamics Seminar, 13th March 2017 ‘LLSVPS, the Earth Earth and ASPECT’: 

Below are some relevant material related to the talk, in case anyone would like some papers on the topic.

Garnero et al., 2016 Review of LLSVPs: Continent-sized anomalous zones with low seismic velocity at the base of Earth’s mantle

Ted Talk on LLSVPs by Ed Garnero: Youtube link 

Rizo et al., 2016, Science, Preservation of Earth-forming events in the tungsten isotopic composition of modern flood basalts.

2014 Introduction to ASPECT powerpoint presentation




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