Here are a few videos of either some work I conducted recently or public videos that are interesting.

Subduction zones and large igneous province position.

The positions of the subduction zones between 300 Ma-present [Steinberger and Torsvik, 2012] are plotted alongside the positions of twenty-four large igneous provinces (LIPs) between 300-0 Ma.

Large igneous provinces (LIPs) can be considered as ‘super-volcanoes’ generated by deep mantle plumes of hot material, rising from the core-mantle boundary.

The LIP positions have been corrected to their original paleo-position at the time of their deposition. The colour of the subduction zone and LIP correspond to the age at which it was present or first formed, respectively. The outline of the present-day (0Ma) position of the continents is also shown as a guide. The subduction zone and LIP positions were determined by Steinberger and Torsvik [2012] and Torsvik et al. [2006], respectively. I am grateful to Bernhard Steinberger for providing the paleo-subduction data.