In 2007, I began my education career in Paris, teaching English to business people. Fast-forward to today… and I run my own specialist teaching program, working with different communities in science education.

I enjoy teaching and try to evolve to reach more students – so far, I’ve taught in three different countries to a wide range of people (including: university students, students in prison, retired people, young people experiencing homelessness, bankers, fork-lift truck drivers, government officials, and many more).

Below are links to course outlines as well as some testimonials. Please get in touch if you would like to collaborate.

Think Like A Scientist: a 7-week science education program designed to improve critical thinking for people in prison and encourage independent thought.
Understanding a changing Canada: a course focusing on changing environments as told from local people across Canada (info coming soon)
What lies beneath: an overview on what else we need to know about the interior of our planet and the link to plate tectonics. Get in contact for one-off classes.

Feedback for Think Like A Scientist