This is the project website for TEROPPLATE, a Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships (Proposal number: 749664).


The fellowship runs from Feb 2018 until Jan 2020.

Upcoming events: 

Study of the Earth’s Deep Interior 2018, Edmonton, Alberta. 

Past events:

Current actions that have occurred as part of the fellowship: 

MAY 2018: 


APRIL 2018: 

European Geophysical Union 2018, Vienna, Austria

  • Impact of thermo-chemical pile size in the generation of upwellings: insights from mantle convection models featuring paleo-subduction history
    Philip Heron, Juliane Dannberg, Rene Gassmöller, Grace Shephard, Jeroen van Hunen, and Russell Pysklywec
  • LLSVP survival from an early Earth mantle: analysing stability beneath a stagnant-lid
    Philip Heron, Craig O’Neill, Siqi Zhang, and Jeroen van Hunen
  • Deformation driven by deep and distant structures: influence of a mantle lithosphere suture in arcuate orogen development
    Philip Heron, Russell Pysklywec, Randell Stephenson, and Jeroen van Hunen
  • Numerical modelling of crustal and lithospheric structural inheritance influences on Mesozoic-Cenozoic rifting of the Davis Strait, offshore West Greenland
    Philip Heron, Alexander L. Peace, Kenneth McCaffrey, J. Kim Welford, Woody Wilson, and Russell Pysklywec