Recently, I’ve been researching the supercontinent cycle, plate tectonics beyond plate boundaries, and volcano-tectonics.

A major question I’ve been working on for the past few years is ‘How does intraplate deformation, LLSVPs, and mantle lithosphere fit into the theory of plate tectonics?’
 There are a number of broad questions I’m interested in:
  • How and why did plate tectonics begin on Earth?
  • Will plate tectonics end? And when?
  • Can we predict volcanic eruptions and other hazards?
  • How does plate tectonics interact with climate?
  • What happens to the Earth when a supercontinent is formed?

I will be posting research highlights on the blog.

At present, I am in collaboration with Russell Pysklywec and Randell Stephenson studying “plate tectonics beyond plate boundaries: the role of ancient structures in orogenesis”. The work presented at the 2015  XIV International Workshop on Modelling of Mantle and Lithosphere Dynamics meeting can be found here: HERON_2015_poster

Arthur Holmes Meeting 2016 – The Wilson Cycle: Plate Tectonics and Structural Inheritance During Continental Deformation

I attended the Arthur Holmes meeting in 2016, held at the Geological Society. I had the privilege to present work on supercontinent formation as well as mantle lithosphere deformation generating intraplate tectonics. The presentations are given below.

Supercontinent formation poster 2016: HERON_poster_AH2016_insulation

Mantle lithosphere dynamics and plate tectonics talk 2016:  ah2016_presentation_heron_platetectonics