Recently, I’ve been researching the supercontinent cycle, plate tectonics beyond plate boundaries, and volcano-tectonics.

In my academic research, I use numerical models to test theories on the dynamics of plate tectonics. 

I explore the evolution of our planet from large-scale processes of mantle convection to smaller-scale problems such as orogenesis. The work I am doing in my current position will look at what role the lower mantle has on the early evolution of our young planet. The numerical models, incorporating available data from the thermal state of the Precambrian mantle, will add to the conversation of how the earliest movements of our surface began.

A major question I’ve been working on for the past few years is ‘how do non-conventional dynamics such as intraplate deformation, LLSVPs behaviour, and mantle lithosphere deformation fit into the theory of plate tectonics?’ There are a number of broad questions I’m interested in:

  • How and why did plate tectonics begin on Earth?
  • Will plate tectonics end? And when?
  • Can we predict volcanic eruptions and other hazards?
  • How does plate tectonics interact with climate?
  • What happens to the Earth when a supercontinent is formed?

Videos of some of my research can be found here.

I will be posting research highlights on my blog, as well as any recent talks. Follow me on twitter for upcoming events and publications.

Highlights from conferences:

Arthur Holmes Meeting 2016 – The Wilson Cycle: Plate Tectonics and Structural Inheritance During Continental Deformation

I attended the Arthur Holmes meeting in 2016, held at the Geological Society. I had the privilege to present work on supercontinent formation as well as mantle lithosphere deformation generating intraplate tectonics. The presentations are given below – I quite enjoy the supercontinent formation poster as it acts as a very good ‘greatest hits’ of a number of different publications. The mantle lithosphere talk received feedback and constructive criticism which was greatly appreciated.

Supercontinent formation poster 2016: HERON_poster_AH2016_insulation

Mantle lithosphere dynamics and plate tectonics talk 2016:  ah2016_presentation_heron_platetectonics