Hello! Thanks for visiting. Here are the notes from the lecture given on 5th Feb 2020.


Here is a link to a blog post I have written on the subject, as well as an article written for Geoscientist magazine.

Further reading: I have written a blog post about a review paper on the subject of LLSVPs that may be of interest. Feel free to read the paper and write down any parts that do not make sense. We can discuss them next week.

Earthquake Catalogue: https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/

Homework for next week:

Task 1: If you can, write down a number of potential sites for a dense array of seismometers that will try and capture the African LLSVP through an earthquake wave path (e.g.):


Task 2: Evaluate where you think would be best? Where would you put your seismometers for a year?

Task 3: If we put the seismometers in Northumberland for a year (close to home), what would we potentially capture?

Thanks for visiting!


The video below is a public lecture for the Geological Society on ‘The Future of Plate Tectonics: Delving into the Earth’s Deep Interior’: